Data Driven

We can help you understand where you are now, to know where to go next.

Audience Targeting

To make efficient use of your marketing budget you need precise audience targeting skills, techniques and knowledge.

Client Growth

Grow your client base not just by marketing spend but efficiency gains and UX improvements.


Automate menial, repetitive tasks and processes.

What are Digital Assets?

At the core of what we do, offer and build is the domain name. Investing in the right domain name is key to starting to acquire and build out our digital asset portfolio.

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What is Digital Bubble?

We are a digital media company that develops domain names, websites and software to turn them into cashflow generating profitable businesses.


Digital Media Support

Using our experience from taking domain names to create them into fully fledged businesses. Online presence that generates visitor traffic which converts into prospective clients. We recommend:

It all starts from a good domain name

Grow your online business presence, community and client base

Digital media assets should be an investment not an expense

Improve efficiency by automating your online business

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We help you find your Digital Bubble

We work in a systemic way using the latest digital tools to help with our marketing effort to find the best online communities in the farthest edges of the internet.

Global Data

Tell us your problems and we will find a solution.

Analytical Approach

We bring an analytical approach to our decision making.

Brand & Domain

Choose a brand and domain name to what your audience need.

Client Onboarding

Design & UX is as important to growth as marketing.

Our Digital Bubbles

Our portfolio consists of domain names, websites, software projects and other digital assets.

couriers delivery logo
.Delivery gTLD

www.Couriers.Delivery domain name was acquired in 2015 to develop an online couriers business.

Crypto Cashback Coin
.com crypto service

We have developed www.CryptoCashbackCoin(s).com into an online shopping & savers club.

The EU Bubble
.eu & .com

Online European affairs magazine, with a well established brand recognition within Brussels, Belgium

Money Saving Assistant

A perfect domain name for a money saving, budget FinTech company. Currently used to review products.

.Finance gTLD

Acquired www.Option.Finance gTLD domain name for a finance comparison and knowledge go-to website.

Strong Hair Formula

We have acquired and domain names for a hair product website.

Create Your Own Digital Bubble

Using automation we can help you create a lead generating online community

  • Start with a Twitter news feed!

  • Little time required. No pressure. Excellent starting entry into social media automation.
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  • Geo and Category Targeting

  • Ideal for Bloggers / Start-Ups / Small Businesses with a limited budget.
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  • Explore your eco-system

  • Do you need help to understand how to position your brand and business online? How to join up all the dots?
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Latest Updates

We publish updates on our latest projects, work, acquisitions and thoughts from across the industry.

  • Learn what digital marketing trends you need to be focusing on next year. Frequent updates to search engine algorithms are changing the way we approach Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The rise of virtual and augmented reality is giving businesses more ways

  • Why branding is critical to the success of your startup? Build it and they will come. It’s an adage most of us will be familiar with but it’s also woefully unsuited to the world of business. It’s also that very same philosophy that’s partly behind...

  • domain was acquired and website with content created for affiliate marketing purposes Twitter, Facebook  set-up with automated messaging. Instagram account created to grow the community. Available for affiliate marketing purposes, cont

Our Domain Portfolio

We have the following domain names on offer for sale or rent.